Sample Screen Printing of a Frontplate

Screen Printing

A flexible process for applying graphics to products.

Example applications

Screen printing is the method of reproducing graphics, in small to large quantities, onto many different substrates such as stainless steel, steel, aluminium, acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, Formica, etc. which require crisply defined graphics. In many cases using a screen made of a finely-woven porous fabric and stretched over a frame.

Screen Printing is an extremely flexible printing system which is adept at printing an extensive array of dyes and inks ranging from Aluprint dyes (permanently sealed into the anodised surface of aluminium) to two-pack epoxy inks. Colour Anodisers screen printing processes utilise both water and ultra violet ink screen printing technology.

Colour Anodisers besides screen printing and, aluprinting our own products can undertake customers own items, using our artwork department to design suitable graphics on your behalf which will incur certain costs, or use your designs and files.


Sample of graphics applied to products using Screen Printing
Sample of graphics applied to
products using Screen Printing